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July 14, 2019


One thing i love nothing more is than being organised, especially when it comes to my blog. Even as a little girl i was so organised, i didn't like something if it wasn't planned out properly. Being a blogger can be stressful so i thought i'd put together a few tips to get more organised with your blog.

1. Invest in a notebook/planner.
As i mentioned above, I've always been an organised person, and having a notebook/planner can help you get organised in so many ways and it also helps you keep track of the important things. I have been loving my Classy Planner which has everything you need and more and i honestly can't recommend it enough! Shop the planner here
2. Write a blog to do list. 
Having a blog to do list written down, on paper works a treat to get you more organised with your blog. I don't know what it is, but there's something about writing a to do list that makes everything come together. I find it so much easier having what blog posts i need to write down, it stops me from getting side tracked into doing something else. 
3. Set yourself small goals for the week.
Every year we make goals that we want to achieve before we reach the end of the year, but setting small goals weekly make you more motivated to get things done and you're more likely to achieve them when taking smaller steps. 
4. Set yourself reminders. 
I'm by no means saying you need to set an alarm to get things done because that will make you not want to get things done but jotting reminders down on sticky notes just gives you that nudge to get you going and to get you more organised with your blog. 
How do you get organised with your blog? Do you have any tips?
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